The sporty trend

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Зелёные шаблоны джумла.

In line with the social sports and fitness trend, the street style of the last years also goes in a sporty direction. While sneaker used to be found in the shoe closet of the "sporty people" only, today we can find them almost in all shoe closets - no matter if athlete, styler, dancer, bourgeois, even jurists. At the same time, sports brands like "Adidas", "Nike", "Puma", "Fila", "Reebok" celebrate their comeback since years, not only as sneaker, but also as textiles in street fashion. As i'm a dancer, i love this tendency and i wear my training clothes also in every day life. I love this Adidas two piece. I wear it for dancing, but also in everyday life.
Photos: Jill Albanico.